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The band is in its 25th year and its third incarnation. We're named (almost!) after the 1951 Jackie Brenston hit, “Rocket 88”, celebrating an Oldsmobile automobile of that era. The song was said yo have been written by Ike Turner, but credited to Brenston for 'financial reasons'. The reason why we added the extra ‘t’ is lost in the mists of time - it certainly wasn't financial. Maybe we just forgot how to spell it. Anyway, it’s too late now!

The present line-up has been together around 25 years now. Our roots are in good old-fashioned R&B/Blues, though we allow ourselves to stray into some Rock, if that’s what people want. We're well known around our hometown, Sheffield, but we like to take our music on the road and meet new people whenever we can, including as far afield as Belgium.

Our limited edition CD – “Live…. at The Harlequin” was well received in the local press - see our 'Sounds' Page.


Rockett 88 are:


Richard Grayson - Guitar

Richard is the quiet man on stage, but he plays a mean blues guitar.


Stuart Arfield – Guitar / Slide Guitar

One of the best guitarists in Sheffield, Stu can make a guitar sing.

John Houghton – Bass Guitar / Vocals

John sings lead and backing vocals. Gets delusions of grandeur sometimes. Seems to think he's Howling Wolf. As if!

Nick “Prof” Parsons – Drums / Vocals

Prof shares the lead singing with John. He’s the showman of the band - his jokes never fail to disappoint!


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